Does a cactus have specific meaning as a gift?

Jul 30, 2021 | 0 comments

As we all know different types of flowers, or even different colours of the same type of flower symbolizes different things when they are gifted. Red roses is symbolic of love and yellow means friendship. Succulents and cacti are no different. It might be a good idea to learn what it means when gifting different plants.

When you give someone a cactus as a gift there are certain generally excepted “meanings” associated with such a gift.
Cacti are strong, enduring, and tough. They survive and grow in very harsh conditions with very little water.That’s why the cactus has come to represent endurance and strength in the face of adversity—they survive where others can’t. A cactus will make a great symbolic gift for someone going through a tough time. It can remind them to survive and keep fighting in harsh circumstances.

Native Americans believe that a cactus is symbolic for motherly love and protection. They use their juice and pulp to treat certain ailments.

In Japan gifting a flowering cactus can also be a symbol for attraction. Most people don’t know that cacti signal attraction though, so don’t read into it and feel embarrassed if you receive a cactus from a good friend!

So grab n lovely cactus and one of our cement planter pots and give someone special a gift that has meaning!